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Articles in May 2023

  1. 8 Top Finds for Memorial Day Sales

    8 Top Finds for Memorial Day Sales

    It's no surprise it's Memorial Day weekend and everything you could possibly imagine is ON SALE! And, if you're lucky, you can take advantage of the rewards programs your own credit cards may have!

  2. Look For Low Cost Activities

    Look For Low Cost Activities

    Thrifty Thursday's tip discusses looking for low cost activities! School is out for the season & the kids will be home all summer. If you are on a tight budget, what a better way to save money and keep those kiddos occupied & off the electronics, than by searching for low cost activities!

  3. Beginners Guide to Your Credit Score

    Beginners Guide to Your Credit Score

    What exactly is a Credit Score? CreditSoup breaks it down here. A credit score is a prediction of your credit behavior, such as how likely you are to pay a loan back on time, based on information from your credit reports.

  4. 9 Ways Credit Card Rewards Have Reshaped Our World

    9 Ways Credit Card Rewards Have Reshaped Our World

    According to a 2021 report from the American Banking Association, consumers are more aware than ever before of the upside to having the right rewards card in their wallet. In addition to rewards for ongoing spending, generous signup bonuses are upping the ante and making credit card rewards even more attractive. With all these perks, our world will never be the same. Here are 9 ways credit card rewards have reshaped life as we know it.

  5. Bring Your Lunch

    Bring Your Lunch

    Bringing your lunch can save you on average $10-$20 per day. Even just bringing your lunch for ONE DAY out of the week can add up to around $80/month or more! Here are a few tips to help you plan!

  6. Use What's In Your Pantry

    Use What's In Your Pantry

    CreditSoup's weekly Wise Spend Wednesday tip this week involves using what's in your pantry. Why waste money buying more random things when you haven't used up the things still sitting in your pantry or cupboards. We have solutions for that problem!

  7. Possible Loan Option for You

    Possible Loan Option for You

    Personal loans can be used for almost anything, but it makes the most sense to take out a loan if it is your best option to finance. Possible Finance is newer to the short-term loan/personal loan space, and it provides its members with flexible and safe loan options. Their mission is to help you and your community break the debt cycle and unlock economic mobility for generations to come. The payday loan alternative with a fair repayment plan.

  8. Co-signers and Personal Loans: What You Need to Know

    Co-signers and Personal Loans: What You Need to Know

    If you have high-interest credit card debt or need money to pay for an unexpected car repair, taking out a personal loan can be a smart strategy. However, it can be difficult to qualify for a loan — and to score a low interest rate — if your credit score isn’t excellent.

  9. Be Frugal & Drink Water Instead

    Be Frugal & Drink Water Instead

    The average U.S. household spends an estimated $850 annually on soft drinks, for a total of $65 billion on soft drinks alone. Imagine the cost savings you would save by choosing to drink water instead! This week we talk about drinking water instead.

  10. 4 Strategic Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

    4 Strategic Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

    Paying off your debt will improve your credit, but understanding how to pay off your debt could help increase your credit score exponentially. Learn more about how to strategically manage your credit score and may the most of your payments.

  11. 7 Signs You’re Wildly Overpaying on Credit Card Interest

    7 Signs You’re Wildly Overpaying on Credit Card Interest

    We all know that credit cards can be a convenient way to manage our finances and make purchases. But did you know that you could be overpaying on interest without even realizing it? In this article, we dive into 7 signs that you may be overpaying on credit card interest and what you can do to change that.

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