Company Info

Bulldog Media Group, Inc., formerly known as CreditSoup®, Inc., provides a wide range of online marketing services to help marketers reach targeted consumers and improved monetization of their online audience. We specialize in online marketing through a variety of platforms including our affiliate network, lead generation, data management, email marketing and display advertising, to provide flexible and complete solutions with exceptional campaign performance.

Founded in 2000, as CreditSoup®, Inc., our mission at Bulldog Media Group, Inc. is to achieve and maintain a position of unparalleled excellence within the interactive marketing industry. To accomplish this goal, we will consistently demonstrate the highest levels of integrity. From day one, Bulldog Media Group, Inc. has been committed to ensuring that our customers are the number one priority. Today our performance and commitment are stronger than ever. We are dedicated to being the most comprehensive online marketing company and remain persistent to solving our customers’ most challenging needs.

Bulldog Media Group, Inc. delivers scalable solutions for merchants to cost-effectively acquire customers and for clients and affiliates to maximize their revenue opportunities. Our industry experts can solve your most complex online marketing needs. Bulldog Media Group, Inc. remains a privately owned company.