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  1. 5 Tax Myths Debunked

    5 Tax Myths Debunked

    The deadline to file your federal tax return is quickly approaching. If you’re like most people, tax season fills you with dread. Often, people feel stressed by preparing their taxes because they’re overwhelmed and don’t fully understand the rules. To help you file your taxes accurately, let’s debunk the five most common tax myths.

  2. 3 Tips for Preparing Your Finances for Holiday Shopping

    3 Tips for Preparing Your Finances for Holiday Shopping

    Given that your holiday spending could very well end up being more than a mortgage payment, it’s important to get a handle on your finances well before you start swiping your way through holiday sales. With a little preparation and planning, you can ensure your finances make it through the holidays and into the new year.

  3. How to Boost Your Credit Score Quickly So You Can Earn Rewards

    How to Boost Your Credit Score Quickly So You Can Earn Rewards

    Earning cash back or travel rewards can be a dream come true, but it’s a dream that’s out of reach for many. The reality is, rewards and travel credit cards are only available to consumers with good or excellent credit. The rest of the world is forced to miss out, relying on boring credit cards with few perks or benefits.

  4. Free Travel Strategies Using Credit Card Signup Bonuses

    Free Travel Strategies Using Credit Card Signup Bonuses

    If you’re new to the world of travel credit cards, you’re probably wondering how to best stretch the initial bonuses you can earn as far as they can go. To get the most out of credit card signup bonuses, you need a few essential travel strategies under your belt. Don’t worry - they’re not that complicated.

  5. How to Establish (or Reestablish) Good Credit

    How to Establish (or Reestablish) Good Credit

    If you don't have a credit score or credit history, there are a variety of ways that you can build one. Some of these options may or may not be open to you depending on your age and income, but one or more of the options should be available to you. Additionally, so long as you're careful about it, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to use several of these methods to build a solid credit score.

  6. 3 Credit Card Perks to Help You Save on College Shopping

    3 Credit Card Perks to Help You Save on College Shopping

    If any word can send a parent with teenagers into a bout of anxiety, it's likely to be "college." For every newly-minted freshman who enters college, the proud parents are looking at a yearly bill for tuition and fees of nearly $10,000 -- and that's for an in-state public university.

  7. Cosigner vs. Authorized User: Which Do You Need?

    Cosigner vs. Authorized User: Which Do You Need?

    Although complex, the ins and outs of consumer credit aren’t actually that hard to understand. Unfortunately, the vast amount of lingo and jargon inherent in finance can often make it feel as though you’re trying to put together a puzzle without all the pieces.

  8. 6 Investment Apps for 2020

    6 Investment Apps for 2020

    The phrase “there’s an app for that” can be applied to your investment strategy. Depending on your goals and the amount of money you are prepared to invest, there are plenty of investment apps on the market.

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