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  1. 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Take a 401(k) Loan

    5 Reasons Why You Should Never Take a 401(k) Loan

    When you need cash for a downpayment on a home or when you hit a financial emergency, your retirement nest egg can look pretty appealing. You might have thousands stashed away in a 401(k), so when you need money quickly, taking a loan from your own account can be tempting.

  2. The Best Credit Card for You in 2020

    The Best Credit Card for You in 2020

    There are a lot of credit card options out there. How do you pick the right one for you? We’ve narrowed down which credit cards should be in your wallet this year based on your credit and lifestyle goals. Whether you are looking for the best travel card or a card that fits your credit, we’ve got you covered.

  3. How to Create a Mid-Year Money Goals Review

    How to Create a Mid-Year Money Goals Review

    Building wealth is a long-term game that requires patience and forward thinking. Of course, those who start saving and investing early tend to have the best results. For that reason, it’s smart to create annual goals as well as five-year, ten-year, and even twenty-year financial goals.

  4. 5 Side Hustles That Pay $20/Hr and Up

    5 Side Hustles That Pay $20/Hr and Up

    The term side hustle has become quite popular lately and for good reason. Most of us could use some extra money in the bank. The reality is, many side hustle jobs are easier to get started than you think.

  5. How to Increase Your Credit Score in 5 Easy Steps

    How to Increase Your Credit Score in 5 Easy Steps

    You may be wondering, does my credit score really matter that much? Should I be making proactive steps to improve my score or just assume it will get better with time? We’re here to tell you that your credit score is important, and we are going to break down what you can do to improve that critical number.

  6. 4 Ways to Turn Extra Space Into a Goldmine

    4 Ways to Turn Extra Space Into a Goldmine

    If you look around your home or garage and see extra space or unoccupied rooms, you could be seeing dollar signs. You can earn cash from spare space without having to spend a ton of time prepping or marketing. Here are some ways you can turn unused living or storage space into money, fast.

  7. 6 Best Medical Credit Cards for 2020

    6 Best Medical Credit Cards for 2020

    If you know you’re going to need a medical procedure, check out medical-specific credit cards. These cards are designed to be only used to pay for medical expenses, so they’re limited in use. However, they tend to offer lower interest rates and more generous repayment terms than other credit cards.

  8. 7 Tips for Staying Debt-Free

    7 Tips for Staying Debt-Free

    Being debt-free gives you more financial freedom, allowing you to pursue other goals without the weight of interest charges and monthly payments on your shoulders. To keep yourself from ending up in debt again, use these tips and regularly review your finances.

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