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2024 March Madness Bracket - Credit Card Edition

2024 March Madness Bracket - Credit Card Edition

March Madness is here! While most of us will be following the basketball games throughout the next month, we put together a bracket with a variety of credit cards that will mirror the results of the actual tournament. Check out below for the first-round match ups and tournament rankings. Who do you have as this year’s CreditSoup Credit Card March Madness Champion??

First Round Matchups

First Four Matchups

(16) PREMIER Bankcard Green Card vs. (16) PerPay Credit Card

(10) Capital One Venture One vs. (10) Hyatt World of Business Card

(16) PREMIER Bankcard Grey Card vs. (16) Revel Mastercard

(10) Merrick Bank Secured Card vs. (10) OpenSky Secured Visa

East Matchups

(1) Chase Sapphire Preferred vs. (16) PREMIER Bankcard Mastercard

(2) Capital One Savor One Cash Rewards vs. (15) Credit One Bank Platinum Rewards

(3) Mastercard Gold Card vs. (14) Capital One Quicksilver Secured Card

(4) Milestone Mastercard vs. (13) GO2 Bank Debit Card

(5) Mission Lane Cashback Card vs. (12) Ink Business Cash Card

(6) Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier vs. (11) Ink Business Preferred Card

(7) Destiny Mastercard vs. (10) First Latitude Select Secured Card

(8) Surge Platinum Mastercard vs. (9) Upgrade Select Visa

West Matchups

(1) Chase Freedom Unlimited vs. (16) Winner of #16 West First Four Matchup

(2) Upgrade Cash Rewards vs. (15) Credit One Bank Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit

(3) Instacart Mastercard vs. (14) Net First Merchandise Card

(4) Reflex Platinum Mastercard vs. (13) Applied Bank Secured Card

(5) Arro Card vs. (12) Capital One SavorOne Student

(6) Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus vs. (11) United Business Card

(7) First Digital Mastercard vs. (10) Extra Card

(8) Capital One Platinum Card vs. (9) Self Secured Visa

South Matchups

(1) Capital One Quicksilver Rewards vs. (16) PREMIER Bankcard Orange Card

(2) Mastercard Black Card vs. (15) Credit One Bank Platinum X5

(3) DoorDash Rewards Mastercard vs. (14) Revvi Card

(4) Aspire Cashback Rewards vs. (13) Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business

(5) Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards vs. (12) Walmart Money Card

(6) Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority vs. (11) Ink Business Unlimited

(7) Fit Platinum Mastercard vs. (10) Winner of #10 South First Four Matchup

(8) Mission Lane Visa Card vs. (9) Capital One Platinum Secured Card

Midwest Matchups

(1) Upgrade Life Rewards Visa vs. (16) Winner of #16 Midwest First Four Matchup

(2) Mastercard Titanium Card vs. (15) Total Visa Card

(3) PayPal Cashback Mastercard vs. (14) Credit One Bank Platinum Visa

(4) Imagine Visa Card vs. (13) Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business

(5) Indigo Mastercard vs. (12) Capital One Quicksilver Student

(6) Blaze Mastercard vs. (11) Ink Business Premier

(7) Fortiva Mastercard vs. (10) Winner of #10 Midwest First Four Matchup

(8) OpenSky Plus Secured Visa vs. (9) First Access Visa Card

Tournament Rankings

East Region

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred

  2. Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards

  3. Mastercard Gold Card

  4. Milestone Mastercard

  5. Mission Lane Cashback Card

  6. Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier

  7. Destiny Mastercard

  8. Surge Platinum Mastercard

  9. Upgrade Select Visa

  10. First Latitude Select Mastercard Secured Card

  11. Ink Business Preferred Card

  12. Ink Business Cash Card

  13. GO2 Bank Debit Card

  14. Capital One Quicksilver Secured

  15. Credit One Bank Platinum Rewards Visa

  16. PREMIER Bankcard Mastercard

West Region

  1. Chase Freedom Unlimited

  2. Upgrade Cash Rewards

  3. Instacart Mastercard

  4. Reflex Platinum Mastercard

  5. Arro Card

  6. Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus

  7. First Digital Mastercard

  8. Capital One Platinum Card

  9. Self Secured Visa

  10. Extra Card

  11. United Business Card

  12. CapitalOne SavorCard Student

  13. Applied Bank Secured Card

  14. Net First Platinum Merchandise Card

  15. Credit One Bank Platinum Visa for Rebuilding Credit

  16. PREMIER Bankcard Green Card/PerPay Credit Card

South Region

  1. CapitalOne QuicksilverOne Cash Rewards

  2. Mastercard Black Card

  3. DoorDash Rewards Mastercard

  4. Aspire Cashback Rewards Card

  5. Upgrade Triple Cash Rewards

  6. Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority

  7. Fit Platinum Mastercard

  8. Mission Lane Visa Card

  9. Capital One Platinum Secured

  10. Merrick Bank Secured Card/OpenSky Secured Visa

  11. Ink Business Unlimited

  12. Walmart Money Card

  13. Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business

  14. Revvi Card

  15. Credit One Bank Platinum X5 Visa

  16. PREMIER Bankcard Orange Card

Midwest Region

  1. Upgrade Life Rewards Visa

  2. Mastercard Titanium Card

  3. PayPal Cashback Mastercard

  4. Imagine Visa Card

  5. Indigo Mastercard

  6. Blaze Mastercard

  7. Fortiva Mastercard

  8. OpenSky Plus Secured Visa

  9. First Access Visa Card

  10. Capital One Venture One Rewards/Hyatt World of Business Card

  11. Ink Business Premier

  12. Capital One Quicksilver Student

  13. Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business

  14. Credit One Bank Platinum Visa

  15. Total Visa Card

  16. PREMIER Bankcard Grey Card/Revel Mastercard

First 4

  1. (16) PREMIER Bankcard Green Card

  2. (16) PerPay Credit Card

  3. (10) Capital One Venture One Rewards

  4. (10) Hyatt World of Business Card

  5. (16) PREMIER Bankcard Grey Card

  6. (16) Revel Mastercard

  7. (10) Merrick Bank Secured Card

  8. (10) OpenSky Secured Visa

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