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6 Investment Apps for 2020

6 Investment Apps for 2020

The phrase “there’s an app for that” can be applied to your investment strategy. Depending on your goals and the amount of money you are prepared to invest, there are plenty of investment apps on the market.

As the world becomes more mobile friendly, investment opportunities have evolved to keep up with the changing market. Below, we have highlighted some of the stand out stars of investment apps for 2020.

Low Commitment Investment App: Acorns

With over 4.5 million users, it’s not a surprise that Acorns is one of the better known apps available. The premise and draw for Acorns is that it utilizes your spare change to make an impact on your portfolio. For example, if you spend $5.75 on a fast food meal, Acorns rounds up the cost to $6. The extra 25 cents then gets invested. This automated investment process makes it easy to set it and then forget it to let your money grow without a huge investment of time or money on your part.

Available platforms: Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Beginner Friendly Investment App: Stash

With just $5, you can call yourself an investor with the help of Stash. Stash offers a personalized investment strategy based on an simple profile you can fill out in minutes. It asks questions about your passions and goals, determines how aggressive you want to be with your money and then offers tailored recommendations of how to invest. For those just branching into the investment realm, Stash offers a convenient and fun way to get started.

Available on: Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Tech Savvy Learner Investment App: TD AmeriTrade

When it comes to name recognition with investment companies, AmeriTrade tops lists for good reason. AmeriTrade offers a user-friendly app that appeals to beginners and veterans alike. They’re library of resources shouldn’t be overlooked for those wanting to broaden their base of investment and financial knowledge. Plus their desktop site has a great selection of useful tools when you want a break from looking at a 5” screen.

Available on: Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Life Planning Investment App: Wealthfront

There are key life events that would benefit from a little financial planning. Wealthfront offers tailored investment recommendations based on your goals, whether its preparing a college fund for your kids, saving towards homeownership or planning for retirement. It’s intuitive financial planning tool will give you a better understanding of how your choices are impacting your future, long term goals.

Available on: Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Not Just Robos Investment App: Betterment

While Betterment’s basic investment premise is a robo-driven investment model, like most investment apps, it does offer access to licenses financial experts. For an additional fee, you can set up a time to talk on the phone with their experts. Topics cover a range from a marriage planning package to a financial checkup call to see how your portfolio is doing. With their premium package, you’ll receive unlimited access to a CFP professional.

Available on: Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Cryptocurrency Options Investment App: Robinhood

Robinhood is dedicated to offering commission-free options for its users, which means more money stays with you and that makes Robinhood a worthwhile investment app right there. Although a bit more bare-bones than other apps, what makes Robinhood unique is that is has branched into offering cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins and Dogecoins. While not available in all states, they keep a growing list of crytpocurrency-approved states and available currencies on their website.

Available on: Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Social Media for Investors: StockTwits

If you are an avid tweeter, than you’ll probably love that StockTwits. Resembling social media network just for traders and investors, StockTwits offers a bite-sized view of what’s happening on the market. You can select what companies you want to watch or which influencers in the community you want to see. If you want to stay on top of trends, then StockTwits is a great app for the budding investor.

Available on: Android Google Play Store and Apple App Store

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