Better finances on your New Year’s Resolution? Try CreditCheckingToday!

Better finances on your New Year’s Resolution? Try CreditCheckingToday!

We’re all closing a year and starting another.  Whether you’ve racked up hefty bills over the holiday season, missed a few payments throughout the year, or took out a loan for school, a car, or a home—there’s plenty of reasons to get your finances and credit in order coming into a new year.

Maybe you haven’t had any credit trouble to speak of, but knowing what’s on your credit report and what your credit scores are can prepare you for a number of things that the New Year can bring. We all know that having a healthy credit score can lower our interest rates, get us instant loan approvals, reduce or eliminate required down payments, qualify us to buy a house, qualify us to buy a new car, or even qualify us for a new credit card.  Today, we have the ability to check and monitor our reports and scores online, making the New Year’s Resolutions centered around our financial health so much more convenient.

There are a number of programs to check and monitor both your credit scores and report.  Our jobs as consumers are to weigh out our options to what suits us best based upon how much is included in the offer, and frankly—the price. offers consumers their scores and reports instantly, from TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.  After the 7 day trial period, the low monthly cost of $29.95 will give consumers access to their scores, report, and monitoring service.  If the consumer decides they don’t want to stay aboard past the free trial period, they can opt out without penalty.  Signing up for the offer is simple enough; basic information such as your name, address, and telephone number are required—which is much less intrusive or lengthy than CreditCheckingToday’s competition, which commonly have lengthier, more in-depth forms that also request your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.  When planning for the year ahead in regards to your credit and finances, it is important to know where you stand, as the old saying goes, “you don’t know where you’re going, until you know where you’ve been.” offers us as consumers a way to plan ahead this year, knowing where we are with our credit so we can hopefully fulfill our resolutions this year!


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