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Fall Decor Without The Price Tag

Fall Decor Without The Price Tag

Fall is almost here. And I'm sure you enjoy the ambiance of the rustic yellows, oranges and browns that envelope the season. However, giving your home that rustic, warm feeling can be spendy. CreditSoup's Wise Spend Wednesday shows you how to decorate for fall without the high price tag!

The Dollar Tree is Your Best Friend

Yes, I said it. If you're really into DIY (Do It Yourself), then the local Dollar Tree is going to be your bread and butter to all things crafty. Shop here for any type of glassware, foam floral blocks or fake leaves/flowers. You can even pick up seasonal ribbon, small pre-made decor items and glue sticks. This is going to be your best cost affordable store, as EVERYTHING is only $1.25 each!

Clearance & Discount Finds

Walmart, HobbyLobby, or Michael's craft stores are up next. For some deeply discounted items to use in your arrangements or home decor pieces, you will want to scope out the seasonal areas of such stores. Pick up some foam pumpkins and jute string. Also check out their supply of fake floral picks. Michael's typically has sales on their baskets. These are a great item to fill up with seasonal blankets, fall decor, or even pumpkins to dress up your front entry.

Free Yard Supplies

Don't forget about the most underutilized decor items when it comes to fall. Those dead branches, pinecones, and leaves you have in your yard!

BONUS FIND: Search your garage or lawn shed. If you have old flower pots or containers you don't use anymore, they can be repurposed into a cool decoration for your front porch or yard. If you clean it up well, and give it a quick paint job with some spray paint, you can reuse it in your home.

What To Make With All This Junk?

I suppose you have all been wondering where I was going with these tips. Here are a couple of DIY Fall Decor projects you can make for a lot less than you can buy at the store. And in some circumstances, it may not cost you a dime, given you already have the materials at home.

    Table Centerpiece

    Material List:

    • Decorative plate or tray (can be found at the Dollar Tree or dig something out of your cupboard/closet)
    • Small pumpkins, pinecones, fake leaves or garland
    • Floral picks of greenery or "weed-like" decor
    • Large foam pumpkin
    • Foam floral block
    • Ribbon

    How to assemble:

    • Cut the top off your large foam pumpkin
    • Place the foam floral block into the pumpkin
    • Arrange the floral picks within the pumpkin by sticking the base into the floral block for stability
    • Once your arrangement is to your liking, place that in the center of the tray. From there, place any small pumpkins, pinecones, leaves, etc. of your liking around the base of the pumpkin.
    • Adorn your centerpiece with ribbon. Either wrap around the base of the floral arrangement, or weave it in with the pinecone arrangement at the bottom.

    Not So Fake Fall Tree

    Material List:

    • Dead Tree Branch from the yard
    • Glue gun & glue sticks
    • Old flower pot
    • Small bag of Quick Crete (instant cement mix) - OR - sand with a few floral foam blocks
    • Fake leaves
    • Spanish Moss (can also be found at the Dollar Tree)
    • Mini lights (optional)

    How to assemble:

    • Hunt down a good dead tree branch from your yard. Make sure its' shape is similar to that of an actual tree. It should have a trunk with branches.
    • In the old flower pot, pour your mixed up wet concrete mixture. If you don't want something as heavy, place some fine, sandbox-type sand in there, with the foam blocks positioned in the center.
    • Place your 'tree" in the pot and make sure it's fairly straight and sturdy.
    • Remove all the leaves from their floral pics.
    • Heat up the glue gun and begin gluing the leaves in various spots all over the branches.
    • Once the leaves are done, add the Spanish moss to the base of the tree, in the pot.
    • Completely optional, but you can add in some mini lights to the Spanish moss for a little ambiance, or intertwine them into the tree branches.

Spending Wisely

In the end, nobody wants to spend an arm & a leg on seasonal decor. Realistically, you probably already have the things you need to create your own decor at home.

So DIY isn't for you? That's ok too. It's completely up to you. If you choose to save time and buy your decorations, consider using a card that has the highest percentage of cash back on purchases. Either way, CreditSoup wants you to enjoy the season!

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