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  1. Common Financial Info (22 articles)

    In this category, we’ll deal with the most commonly asked questions regarding personal finance products and services. CreditSoup will answer the most common questions dealing with everything from insurance to personal budgets.

  2. Credit Tips (26 articles)

    Whether you’re applying for a loan, insurance or rental, your credit score may be used in the decision process. We’ll provide you with helpful Credit Tips on ways to protect and improve your credit rating.

  3. Welcome Blog (6 articles)

    We’ll keep you posted as new credit services, credit information and other improvements are available at Our mission is to provide you with the best financial solutions to keep you informed so that you can control of your personal finances

  4. Product Spot Lights (14 articles)

    We'll feature new products and services that are available to help you manage your finances. From bad credit credit cards to money saving mortgage loans, we cover offers from trusted brands to new companies in the industry.

  5. Saving Money (34 articles)

    How to save money is on everyone’s mind. In this category, we’ll share help tips on how to save money on everyday items like auto insurance, digital cameras and weight loss tips.


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