During College: Don’t Go Broke!

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College should be a time of learning – not just for your future career, but also learning how to survive the independent life after college. With the cost of education always rising, it’s best to cut back whenever possible so you’re not broke when you graduate!

Here are a few ideas to save you some cash when classes get back in session:

→ Rent instead of buying books

→ Alternative housing, including living off campus or commuting from home

→ Homemade, simple food can be cheaper than a meal plan, plus healthier!

→ Walk whenever possible and use public transportation or carpool

→ Cut out un-needed costs and bad habits – cable, high-end phone plan, excessive partying, smoking

→ Shop where you can use a student discount

→ Take advantage of the free activities right on campus (many include free food!)

→ Research class requirements and see if testing out of general classes is an option – why spend money on a class if you don’t really need it?

→ Find an on-campus job. Colleges are always on the lookout for great Resident Assistants or tutors.

Remember, it doesn’t take a lot of thought to save money every day – small steps like this can make a huge difference. Good luck this school year!