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What’s in Your Credit Score…

Not only do we give a free updated Credit Score each month but we also provide valuable information to help improve your credit.

1Primary Factors

There are 6 main common factors used in calculating your credit score. Though some factors are weighted more heavily than others, they all work together to determine your score.

  • Credit Utilization
  • Age of Credit
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Payment History
  • Total Accounts
  • Negative Marks

2Credit Score Factors

These are detailed factors that directly relate to how you score on your Primary Factors. We break down not only what you are doing positively but also where there are areas of improvements to be made so you can better your credit.

  • Areas of Improvement
  • Positive Areas

3Accounts Quick View

All your accounts are taken into consideration when calculating your credit score. Factors such as the number of accounts open, age and loan amount all play a part in this.

  • Available Credit
  • Total Accounts Balance
  • Total Monthly Payments
  • Open Installment Accounts
  • Open Collection Accounts
  • Open Real Estate Accounts
  • Open Revolving Accounts
  • Other Accounts

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