Bulldog Media Group, Inc. is particularly proud of its experienced staff. We’ve compiled years of diversified experience throughout the financial, e-commerce and technology market. The staff at Bulldog Media Group, Inc. is composed of extremely talented professionals and dedicated individuals who take pride in their company.

Our self-motivated individuals work great in the team environment that is so important to the Bulldog Media Group, Inc. organization. The Management Team at Bulldog Media Group, Inc. defines the word leadership in every way. Their professional experience and innovative ideas have shaped the excellent atmosphere at Bulldog Media Group, Inc. by allowing each individual to contribute to the organization. The Business Development staff utilizes their creative minds and aggressive attitudes to develop excellent business relationships and innovative strategies that spark the continued growth of Bulldog Media Group, Inc.

Years of hands-on experience and personal attention help assist our Customer Relations team in relating to the needs of our customers. Our Customer Relations staff is comprised of dedicated individuals with a comprehensive understanding of how the Bulldog Media Group, Inc. organization works.

Led by outstanding leadership, the Technology Team has built one of the most advanced systems in the world. Their comprehensive knowledge and understanding combined with hands-on experience creates an information-rich environment that develops and strengthens Bulldog Media Group, Inc’s backbone.

Bulldog Media Group, Inc. attributes its excellent staff to its location in Madison, South Dakota, where people are known for their outstanding work ethic and great values. Madison is the home of Dakota State University, which is nationally recognized for its computer technology curriculum. The Bulldog Media Group, Inc. organization has tapped into the information source in its own backyard and found the cream of the crop in loyal and knowledgeable employees.