Company History

CreditSoup® was founded in the heart of the Midwest as an online financial website built as a borrower’s marketplace for consumers searching for a variety of financial products. From its inception the company has experienced strong growth and diversification.

Bulldog Media Group, Inc. a privately owned company has developed strong, quality business relationships with leading financial companies throughout the country. Working with well-respected companies allows CreditSoup® to continue to provide consumers with excellent information and with the best credit solutions to meet their needs.

To increase stability through diversification, Bulldog Media Group, Inc. established in May 2001. Designed to provide financial marketing solutions to webmasters and financial institutes, CommissionSoup combines one of the most technologically advanced tracking systems in the world with innovative marketing strategies and unparalleled techniques. CommissionSoup’s affiliate network continues its steady growth while providing lenders with high quality targeted customers.

Bulldog Media Group, Inc. believes that knowledge is power. That is why we maintain a strong and knowledgeable employee base, provide our consumers with additional information to enable them to effectively use their credit to optimize their credit dollar, and provide our affiliates with various resources, marketing techniques, and innovative tracking technology. We are excited about our future and proud of our past.