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Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® Review 2019

Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® Review 2019

February 27, 2019

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While travel rewards and cash-back credit cards provide lucrative perks, they work best for consumers who never carry a balance on their cards from month to month. After all, the average credit card APR is currently well over 17%. It doesn’t make any sense to pursue rewards if you’re carrying a balance since the interest you pay will add up to way more than any rewards you earn.

The thing is, not everyone should be pursuing rewards. If you’re in debt and paying a ton of interest each month, you should probably look for a different type of credit card altogether.

That’s why the Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® is such an intriguing credit card for 2019. Not only does it come without an annual fee, but it offers a lower ongoing APR than you can get with most credit cards these days. If you sign up, you’ll also be eligible for 0% APR on any high interest debt balances you transfer in the first 45 days.

If you’re trying to avoid exorbitant interest charges or you are tired of paying high APRs on debts you already have, the Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® is worth considering. In this review, we’ll go over the perks this card offers, why it’s a good deal, and who it’s best for.

Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard®

Credit Recommended:
Credit Recommended:
Intro (Transfers)
0% intro APR for 15 months on balance transfers made within 45 days of account opening. After that, a variable 14.24% APR will apply. Within 45 days of account opening
Annual Fee
Regular APR
14.24% Variable
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Product Type
Credit Recommended
Intro Rewards Bonus


  • Enjoy a 0% intro APR for 15 months on balance transfers made within 45 days of account opening. After that, a variable 14.24% APR will apply
  • Low 14.24% variable APR on purchases and cash advances
  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • International Chip and PIN
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Rates & Fees

Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard®: The Perfect Card for Balance Transfers

If you have debt already and want to pay it down, balance transfer cards could provide the relief you need. Cards that fall into this category let you secure 0% APR for a limited time, although they usually charge a balance transfer fee of 3% or 5% for the privilege.

The Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® sets itself apart from the pack due to the fact it offers 0% APR for 15 months on balances transferred within the first 45 days. You’ll also pay a balance transfer fee of just 2% (minimum of $5), which is significantly lower than many other competing cards with balance transfer offers. For example, the popular Chase Freedom Unlimited® card offers the same 0% APR for 15 months but with a 3% balance transfer fee.

Obviously, having 15 months to pay down debt at 0% APR could make a tremendous impact on your finances. Without interest charges levied each month, each dollar you pay would go directly toward your balance. Provided you quit using credit during this time (to avoid adding to your balance), this card could provide the opportunity you’ve been waiting for — the chance to get out of debt and stay out of debt. The low APR of 14.24% could also be helpful for consumers who want to avoid the highest APRs many credit cards charge.

In addition to the balance transfer offer this card generously extends to new customers, you also get a free look at your FICO score each month. There is also no annual fee or foreign transaction fees, so you can use this card at home and abroad without any additional charges.

Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard®: Where it Falls Flat

While the Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® really is ideal for consumers who want to transfer a balance, there are a few areas where it struggles to keep up with some competing cards. There’s no rewards program to speak of, for example, which makes it a poor option if you want to earn cash back or travel rewards. Then again, it’s probably smart to steer clear of rewards schemes if you’re in debt.

This card also offers 0% APR for 15 months only on balance transfers, and not on purchases. That puts it at a disadvantage when compared to cards like the Chase Freedom Unlimited® that offer 0% APR for a limited time for both balance transfers and purchases.

Also note that the Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® only offers 0% APR for 15 months on balances transferred within the first 45 days. That’s not a long time to get your ducks in a row and your high interest balances transferred over, so you’ll need to move fast.

The Bottom Line

If you have high interest debt you can’t seem to shake, a balance transfer card could be the answer to your prayers. We think the Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® is one of the best balance transfer credit cards on the market since it gives you 15 months at 0% APR for balances transferred within the first 45 days. And don’t forget you’ll only pay a 2% balance transfer fee instead of the 3% or 5% fees many other cards charge.

But really, the fact the Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® doesn’t charge an annual fee or any foreign transaction fees means it could be a solid credit card option for just about anyone. Provided you don’t want to earn rewards, it never hurts to have a card that’s free to keep. The card’s 14.24% APR is also lower than many competing credit cards.

With these details in mind, we think the Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® is best for:

  • Consumers with high interest credit card debt who want 15 months with 0% APR to pay it down
  • Anyone who might carry a balance and wants a card with a relatively low interest rate
  • People who don’t want to pay an annual fee or any foreign transaction fees
  • Consumers who want access to their FICO score

If you’re in the market for a new credit card, make sure you check out the Barclaycard Ring® Mastercard® and all it has to offer. But also remember to explore all your options to see how they stack up. The best balance transfer and low interest credit cards come with no fees or low fees and 0% APR for at least 12 months.


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